Garage Door Spring Replacement

Many garage door springs snap long before their time due to hasty installation.

At Golden Rule Garage Door we take our time when installing your springs to set them at just the right tension so that they are not overworked and will last much longer.

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What is the average lifespan for garage torsion springs?

10,000 cycles is the bare minimum lifespan of professionally installed springs. At 10,000 cycles, if you open and close your door 4 times per day, they should last 6.8 years. If you operate your door 2 times per day, your springs should last 13.7 years.

What happens when the wrong size spring is installed?

If a very large spring is installed on a lightweight door, then the door will want to open on its own and struggle to close. Opposite to this, if a very small spring is installed on a heavier garage door, then the door will be heavy and difficult to open. Either of these scenarios can cause dangerous problems. Avoid them by having your garage door torsion springs installed correctly by the seasoned, licensed, professionals at Golden Rule Garage Door.

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